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Which bathing suit type is right for your body type

Are you going on vacation and are looking for a new swimsuit? Do you dread the thought of having to decide which bathing suit or bikini will look right on you...and let's not forget the trying on part.

Ask yourself, what types of swimsuits have you owned in the past? Have you liked them? Did they look good on you? Or have you always felt frustrated with how you look and feel in your bathing suits? If you have never quite been satisfied, you may want to read this article to help you determine which type of swimsuit will be best for your particular body type.

If you know the right type of bathing suit which suits your body best, your swimsuit selection process and purchase will be much easier - guaranteed.

The best way to determine the best bathing suit style is to first determine your body type - based on terms used in geometry.

There are four basic body types. There is a triangle shape which has the most proportion of weight on the buttocks, thigh and hip area, relative to the bust size. An inverted triangle body type is just that - wider or larger on the top at the shoulders or chest area than the butt and thigh region. Next is the rectangle body type which has basically the same proportions all over including the shoulders, chest, hips, butt and thighs. There is generally not a defined waist for this body shape. And last but certainly not least, the easiest body shape to buy for is the hourglass body type - not exactly fitting into our geometric body type model but, there really is no geometric shape in this form (could it be an equally proportioned rhombus? Not sure...it has been a while since my last geometry class :-)

Anyway...you need to determine which of these body types you fit into. You can do this simply by looking in the mirror. Usually it is quite obvious which body type you are. However, you may be somewhat inbetween a few of them so you can opt to take your measurements to be sure.

As an example, if your measurements are 36 bust, 27 waist and 37 hips, you would fit into the hourglass body type. If you measure 36 chest, 29 waist and 32 hips, you would be an inverted triange shape. Although, for this one, you may also fit somewhat into the rectangle body type based on your measurements being fairly close to one another.

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The Triangle Body Type

If you have determined that you are a triangle body type meaning that you are heavier or thicker at the hip and butt area, you will want to look for a swimsuit which will highlight your bustline area. This will help make you look more equally proportioned - matching the heavier hip area to the chest area.

Ways to do this are by choosing a darker solid colored bottom which helps to minimize size. Choosing a patterned bikini top in a lighter shade which will help to emphasize your bustline. Opt for bikinis which allow you to buy the pieces separately so that you can buy different sizes of each allowing you to get the perfect fit.

Swimsuits for the Inverted Triangle Body Type

If you are the opposite of the triangle - an inverted triangle - you can follow the guidelines as the triangle body type inversely. To minimize your bustline in order to get the at perfectly proportioned body look, choose a dark solid color to de-emphasize and minimize in size the larger proportioned area of your body. Go ahead and choose a lighter shade - even in a print - bikini bottom. This will emphasize this are of the body and may even make it look slightly larger than it actually is.

Rectangular Body Type Bathing Suits

If you are a rectangle shape, you are probably athletic (and maybe even have some great abs to show off). A bikini is a must choice for you. Do not even think about buying a one piece unless it is high cut on the legs (providing appearance of shaping) and it has a detailed bustline area - whether it be a bow or low v-cut or padding. Adding a belt to a one piece may also help to further define your waistline a bit more.

However, as I mentioned, bikinis are for you. Choose bikinis with interest and details at both the hip and bust area. Bikini bottoms with bows as tie sides help to emphasize and draw interest to the hip area making it appear wider and therefore, your waist appearing smaller. Do the same for the bikini top choice. Opting for a bikini top with some detailing such as a bow in the center will help to make your bustline appear larger. A padded underwire can offer help too to make your chest appear more prominent, hence diminishing the appearance of your waistline size.

Also because you rectangle girls are most likely athletic, adding some feminine details such as a floral pattern, girly colors and ruffles can help create a more feminine looking you.

The Perfect Hourglass Figure - Bathing Suit Types

What can I say? You women have got it made when it comes to choosing a swimsuit. Pretty much, anything goes. You look good in every swimsuit - no matter what the color, shape, style or design. Ok, ok, ok...even if you are an hourglass body type, you may still have some issues with perhaps a little extra here and there. If you do, you can easily find a swimsuit which will mask or cover the extra you want to conceal. At any rate, finding a swimsuit for you is as easy as pie.

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In the end though, don't take all of this too seriously. Choose the bikini, one piece, tankini or swimsuit of your choosing. We are not here to look perfect all of the time - and be perfectly proportional too. We were put on this earth to be happy (or at least it is much funner that way)...so even if you don't look perfectly proportional or look like a supermodel or Hollywood actress (who most likely has had some plasic surgery or has expensive personal trainers...), wear what you want and what you love. If someone tells you you shouldn't, tell them to look elsewhere if they don't like it!

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Author: Shelly Whitney. Copyright protected 2013. May not be reproduced in any way without written and signed consent.